Visitation rights

Our goal #1 as independents is to be able to vote for all candidates in primaries. Enough elected representatives in Annapolis need to agree, then vote to make it so. Though almost all elected officials belong to the major parties (independents and minor party members in the State Senate and House are a rare breed) electeds have the capacity to think for themselves and do listen to constituents. Independent voters are an important and growing segment of their constituency.

We'll help you lobby your representatives. Remember that there is strength in numbers.

Method #1 - send them an email. We'll do it for you or show you how to send one. Get started by becoming a member of hey independents! If you are already a member, SIGN IN and PRESS HERE.

Method #2 - visit them. We'll arrange group visits, and we'll tell you how to go by yourself. We'll set up times for you to visit. We'll remind you before your appointment.

JOIN US! Then, PRESS HERE to sign up for visitation ideas, and for ALERTS.

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