Does it make sense to temporarily join a party and then leave it?

We at hey independents! in Maryland support party-hopping to enable us to vote in every election until we achieve open primaries. The state has no restrictions.

This is a temporary strategy as we convince state lawmakers to adopt open primaries.

Join us and we'll remind you to take the steps below.

Become an uber-independent

You can change your registration any time you like.

It's easy and takes a few minutes. Go HERE. You look yourself up and answer some questions. Or go through your county website, or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

NOTE: Pay attention to time. Voter registration change cutoffs are 21 days before and 11 days after elections.

(Last election)
Primary deadline: June 28, 2022. You could re-register mid August
General deadline: October 18, 2022. You could re-register mid November

Strategic switches:

#1 - Strengthen minor parties. Minor parties have a tough time staying on the ballot, and once a year the state board of elections tallies how many are registered. If there are enough, the minor party doesn't have to gather signatures. In Maryland it takes 1% of voters, or 40,000, to stay on the ballot. If that many people switched to the minor party in November or December, petition signatures would not be required. This would empower different voices, something that is suppressed under our current laws.

#2 - Get temporary power. We don't yet have open primaries. You can temporarily join the party of your choice at primary time, and vote - strategically - for a preference. There may not be anyone in the primary you care for, but you could still show your preference for those who are running, regardless of the party they run under.

#3 - Come home. - Switch back to an independent registration after the primary. Political observers watch who they need to cater to. This strategy lets you return to your independent home for the reasons that you adopted independence in the first place.

These changes make you an uber-independent - someone willing to maximize your political capital to regain some of the power that the parties have taken away.

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