What's our timeline?

The clock is ticking. We at hey independents! want to see open primary/ranked choice voting put into place this session - in 2023 . . . or next session - in 2024.

But we need to convince state lawmakers to adopt open primaries.

The session is from January 2023 to May 2023

Legislators get a zillion bills on their table. Once the session is over, the legislators can still be contacted.

Here are some goals for the 2023 legislative session:

#1 - fully understand the task at hand, and develop tools to convince lawmakers and our fellow voters.

#2 - Build momentum.

#3 - Make allies among all voters and voter groups.

These goals can bring us success - and set us up for next session. Meanwhile, let's keep our eyes on the prize.

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How are we kept out?

In Montgomery County, an example of the problem at it's worst, elections are decided by roughly 8% of the population (or 14% of registered voters) who vote in party primaries, AND NONE OF THESE VOTERS ARE INDEPENDENTS. If you are not a member of the dominant party - nearly 40% of voters - your voice is silenced. Meanwhile all Maryland taxpayers pay for the party primaries, though nearly 20% of the population can't vote in them.

Consider these two arguments:

The Maryland Constitution, in Article 1, Section 1 says that all voters have the right to vote in all elections, but independents can't vote in primaries. In some counties party primaries nearly always determines who will be elected, so your vote doesn't count - even in the general election. And if the two major parties are more in balance, you still have no say in who is on the ballot in November. Something is wrong, and politicians know it.

Party primaries have served their purpose and are on the way out. Though national and state elections are dominated by parties, local elections do not need party politics, and party primaries do NOT help us in Maryland. In fact, they don't help anywhere any longer. National, state, and sadly, much of county politics is trapped in divisive rhetoric and independent voters are the response to, and the path toward, a better system.