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Dan Robinson
Story from Dan Robinson: I earned over 33,000 votes as a Green candidate in November 2022 running at-large in Montgomery County, Maryland. I've also run for State Delegate, and served two terms on the Takoma Park City Council. Now I'm taking some of what I've learned in politics to start this site, and look forward to finding allies in the fight to widen voter involvement across the state. I've enjoyed working with the Green Party, and hope to help them stay on the ballot through some of the strategies outlined on this site. At the same time, I believe that open primaries, ranked choice voting and non-partisan local elections are important answers to our electoral ills in Maryland, and am dedicated to that path.

My background is in technology, cooperative development, small business, community affairs and politics in suburban Maryland.

You can contact me at this email address: [dan.robinson AT pobox100.com]

Personal thanks beyond my wonderful family and supportive friends go to: All those who helped build Sligo Computer Services; the crew at the Maryland Department of Education for teaching me about data analysis and presentation; the Maryland Green Party, who gave me the chance to run for office for State Delegate and County Council at-large; many, many fine people in Takoma Park, in the Long Branch neighborhood and beyond; County politicians, administrators, and other elected officials in many of the towns and cities across Maryland who I met when I was serving on the non-partisan Takoma Park City Council.