Let's build grassroots momentum as independents to change politics in Maryland

Join and connect to others near you - in your county, city or a place nearby.

Study the graphs on this site, and learn about the election code and analysis here and on other sites. It will help you have a productive conversation with others about what a pickle independents are in, and how we can get out.

I'm glad to answer any questions. You can contact me at this email address: [dan.robinson AT]

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These homework links may inspire you:

- This body of law is thick but crucial to understanding Maryland's elections, and how we need to change them: Maryland Election Code

- The Maryland State Board of Elections controls elections for both the state and counties. They implement the election code, which dictates how primaries and general elections are held.

- The Independent Voters of Maryland is a sister group working statewide. We can help each other implement the strategies we develop.

- Open Primaries Learn about efforts nationwide to bring about open primaries, including Alaska and Nevada. This site and the associated info provides a good overview.

- the national independent voters site puts problems we have in a clear focus.

- the League of Women Voters has been at it for a long time.