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First, we need to adhere to The Maryland constitution, that guarantees everyone a vote in all elections.

Here's the problem . . .

Party primaries have grown in importance, and, though some may say that they aren't elections, we believe that they deserve to be considered as such.

Meanwhile, all taxpayers pay for the Democratic and Republican primaries

It's unfair to pay for elections where all aren't allowed to vote. In Montgomery County, for example, 14% of registered voters - those Democrats who vote in the primary - have been selecting candidates for years. The winners in that primary never lose!

There's more

If party primaries are considered elections, all of us ought to be able to vote for any candidate in all primaries.

Now things get sticky

Maryland electoral law doesn't support everyone voting in all elections.

Party primary elections reduce the number of candidates for the general election. Though we all pay for primaries, voters who aren't allowed to vote in the dominant primary don't have a say in who goes on to the general election.

More of the problem: Unless you belong to a major party, you can't even vote when the choosing gets done because, remember, primary elections generally determine winners in the general election, and non-dominant voters often comprise 40% of registered voters!

The solution? Allow everyone to vote in all elections. The constitution guarantees this in Article 1, Section 1.

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